Infrared May Tree Celebration

I captured the May night tradition from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany in infrared. I choose to do so because I wanted to create a contrast to this manly tradition with a fancy rose light.

During the night between 30th of April and first of march young man come together to put up a birch in front of the house of the girl they love. That’s what this tradition is about: love and it’s a way to show someone that you really like her or him.

They decorate the birch with coloured ribbons and a red wooden heart with the name of the girl on it.

After one month, you must pick up the tree again and you will be rewarded with a box of beer.

And that’s another point of this tradition, beer. You carry the tree to his destination without electric tools and drink beer on the way. You drink beer before and you drink beer after. But know your limits or the tree won’t reach it’s destination. :D

PS: Don’t pick up a tree higher than her house, it’s like asking her to marry you.