On 21.12.2020 a new age begins: The air kingdom replaces the earth kingdom after 200 years. The planets Jupiter and Saturn form a conjunction, a striking back, which means an end of the linear thinking, which was mainly about a ‚higher, faster, further.‘ This old idea of progress has had its day: the old king is leaving, the new king is coming. But who ist the new king? Connecting with others and exchanging ideas with each other will be our defining characteristic in the new era of the air kingdom.
Gone is the time of holding on to material things.

This is a Project created by Jánik von Wilmsdorff & Sarah Storch
Concept: Sarah Storch & Jánik von Wilmsdorff
Director, DOP & Editor: Jánik von Wilmsdorff
Photo: Sarah Storch
Styling: Anabel Stiehle
Muse: Sophia Friesen / her management
H&M: Anne Marie Wittchen
Illustration: Joana Bernd
Composition: Thomas Michna

Text from Alexander von Schlieffen’s book „The Astrological Age of Air – A New Era of Connection“
(„Das Astrologische Luftzeitalter – eine neue Ära der Verbindung“)

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Jánik von Wilmsdorff and Debora Brune for Adidas
Janik von Wilmsdorff for Vogue Germany, starring Ruby O. Fee
Jánik von Wilmsdorf and Debora Brune for Adidas Originals
Jánik von Wilmsdorff for Vogue CS, starring Sasha Krivosheya
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Anuthida Ploypetch by Janik von Wilmsdorff for Jägermeister, Uslu Airlines and Nylon Germany
Janik von Wilmsdorff for Vogue CS, starring Magali Delion
Janik von Wilmsdorff for Adidas Originals and Nylon Germany
Jada Joyce and Daria Sav. by Janik von Wilmsdorff and Diana Lange.
Jánik von Wilmsdorff for Le Mile Magazine, starring Penelope Ternes